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Calcium Hypochlorite - Overview

Calcium hypochlorite is a chemical compound with the chemical formula of Ca(ClO)2. Calcium hypochlorite is widely used for a water treatment and bleaching agent. Different grades of calcium hypochlorite are available depends upon its applications in different industries.

Calcium hypochlorite is Associate in Nursing compound with formula Ca(ClO)2. it’s the most active ingredient of business product referred to as whitener, halogen powder, or chloride of lime, used for water treatment and as a bleaching agents. This compound is comparatively stable and has larger accessible halogen than bleaching agent (liquid bleach). it’s a white solid, though industrial samples seem yellow. It powerfully smells of halogen, because of its slow decomposition in dampish air. it’s not extremely soluble in H2O, and is a lot of ideally utilized in soft to medium-hard water. it’s 2 forms: dry (anhydrous); and hydrous (hydrous).

Product Applications

Calcium hypochlorite is also proven powerful germicide and biocide capable of killing harmful pathogenic like bacteria, algae and fungus. Calcium hypochlorite is used as reacting agent for the manufacture of chloroform and bleaching powders. Calcium hypochlorite is used as a sanitizing food and beverage products for hospital purposes. Calcium hypochlorite is utilized as an important feedstock in the production of chloroform. Calcium hypochlorite is an effective alternative chlorination for water supplies in an emergency situations


IUPAC NameCalcium Hypochlorite
CAS No7778-54-3
EC No231-908-7
HS Code2828.10.00
SynonymCalcium Oxychloride, Bleaching Powder, Chloride of Lime